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Honda Civic (2002-2003) Service & repair manual


- General info
- Specifications
- Maintenance
- Engine electrical
- Engine
- Cooling
- Fuel and emissions
- Transaxle
- Steering
- Suspension
- Brakes
- Body
- Heating Ventilation
- Body electrical
- Restraints


Toyota Supra 1995 Service & Repair Manual


An INDEX is provided on the first page of each section to guide you to the item to be repaired. To assist you in finding your way through the manual, the Section Title and major heading are given at the top of everypage.

At the beginning of each section, a general Description is given that pertains to all repair operations contained in that section. Read these precautions before starting any repair task.

TROUBLESHOOTING tables are included for each system to help you diagnose the problem and find the cause. The fundamentals of how to proceed with troubleshooting are described on page IN19. Be sure to read this before performing troubleshooting.

Preparation lists the SST (Special Service Tools), recommended tools, equipment, lubricant and SSM (Special Service Materials) which should be prepared before beginning the operation and explains the purpose of each one.

Most repair operations begin with an overview illustration. It identifies the components and shows how the parts fit together.


Volkswagen 1.9 TDI Industrial engine

Detailed instructions regarding testing, adjustment and repair can be found in the Workshop Manual "Volkswagen Industrial Engine".


- Combustion process
- Injectors
- Needle Lift Sender
- Air-mass Flow Meter
- Modulating piston movement sender
- Installation position
- System overview
- Fuel regulation
- Injection commencement control
- Exhaust gas recirculation
- Charge pressure control
- Glow plug system
- Emission characteristics
- Internal functions in the control unit
- Self-diagnosis
- Performance diagram
- Specifications

In the direct injection engine, diesel fuel is injected directly into the main combustion chamber. This results in more efficient combustion and lower consumption.
The intake port, pistons and injectors have been designed specifically to optimise
the combustion process with respect to noise emission and running characteristics.
Inlet swirl port
The intake port is shaped in such a way that it induces a swirling movement of the intake air and, as a result, produces greater turbulence in the combustion chamber and piston recess.
Piston recess
The shape of the piston recess has been optimised specially for this engine.
5-hole injector
The fuel is injected into the piston recess in two stages and is ignited by the hot air. The two-stage injection process avoids a sharp
pressure rise.


Volkswagen Golf Jetta R32 Official Factory Repair Manual 1999-2005

Aplies to:

Golf,GTI,Jetta 1999-2004,Jetta Wagon 2001-2004, R32, Jetta 1993-1999, Cabrio 1995-2002, Passat - Passat Wagon 1995-1997, Passat - Passat Wagon 1998-2004, New Beetle 1998-2004, New Beetle Convertible 2004, Eurovan 1992-2004, Touareg, Phaeton.


- General, Technical data
- Engine - Assembly
- Engine - Crankshaft, Cylinder block
- Engine - Cylinder head, Valvetrain
- Engine - Lubrication
- Engine - Cooling system
- Fuel Supply
- Exhaust system, Emission controls

And also :
24-Valve VR6 Variable Camshaft Timing Operation


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Ford Mondeo Service and Repair Manual

Models covered:

All Ford Mondeo models with four-cylinder petrol engines,including special/limited editions 1597 cc, 1796 cc and 1988 cc
Does not cover Diesel or V6 engines, or four-wheel-drive models

Introduced in March 1993, the Ford Mondeo models are available in four-door Saloon, five-door Hatchback and five-door Estate configurations. All feature a high
standard of equipment, with driver/passenger safety in accidents being a particularly high design priority; all models are fitted with features such as side impact bars in all doors, “anti-submarine” seats combined with “seat belt grabbers” and pre-tensioners, and an airbag fitted to the steering wheel.


- MOT Test Checks
- Roadside Repairs
- Routine Maintenance
- Engine and Associated Systems
- Transmission
- Brakes
- Suspension
- Body Equipment
- Electrical
- Wiring Diagrams


Honda CRX 1988 - 1990 Service and repair manual

This manual contains service information for the CIVIC COUPE CRX. This manual is divided into sections. It contains:

- Chassis and engine numbers
- Identification Number Locations
- Label Locations
- Lift and Support Points
- Towing
- Preparation of Work
- Symbol marks
- Abbreviation


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