Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ford Escort Service and Repair Manual


Air cleaner element renewal
Alternator drivebelt check
Automatic transmission fluid level check
Automatic transmission selector mechanism check
Battery check
Brake components check
Brake fluid renewal
Contact breaker points adjustment - models with contact breaker distributor
Contact breaker points renewal
Coolant renewal
Crankcase emission control filter renewal
Distributor lubrication - models with contact breaker distributor
Driveshaft check
Engine oil and filter renewal
Exhaust manifold nut check - RS Turbo models
Exhaust system check
Fluid leak check
Fluid level checks
Front brake disc pad check
Fuel filter renewal - fuel injection engines
Hinge and lock check and lubrication
Idle speed and mixture adjustment
Ignition system components check
Ignition timing check - models with contact breaker distributor
Intensive maintenance
Manual transmission oil level check
Oil filler cap cleaning - OHV and HCS engines
Rear brake shoe lining check
Road test
Roadwheel check
Seat belt check
Spark plug renewal
Spark plug renewal - RS Turbo models
Suspension and steering check
Timing belt renewal
Turbocharger-to-manifold nut check - RS Turbo models
Tyre checks
Valve clearance adjustment - OHV and HCS engines


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