Saturday, September 1, 2007

Peugeot 205 Service and Repair Manual


Air cleaner filter element renewal
Air conditioning system check
Automatic transmission fluid level check
Automatic transmission fluid renewal
Auxiliary drive belt check and renewal
Bodywork, paint and exterior trim check
Brake fluid renewal
Clutch pedal stroke adjustment
Coolant renewal
Drive shaft bellows check
Engine oil and filter renewal
Exhaust system check
Emissions control systems check
Front brake pad check
Fuel filter renewal - fuel injection models
Handbrake check and adjustment
Headlight beam alignment check
Idle speed and mixture check and adjustment
Ignition system check
Intensive maintenance
Lock and hinge check and lubrication
Manual transmission oil level check
Manual transmission oil renewal
Rear brake pad condition check - models with rear disc brakes
Rear brake shoe check - models with rear drum brakes
Road test
Seat belt check
Spark plug renewal
Steering and suspension check
Throttle and choke cable lubrication and adjustment
Timing belt renewal
Under body and fuel/brake line check
Under bonnet check for fluid leaks and hose condition


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