Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Volkswagen 1.9 TDI Industrial engine

Detailed instructions regarding testing, adjustment and repair can be found in the Workshop Manual "Volkswagen Industrial Engine".


- Combustion process
- Injectors
- Needle Lift Sender
- Air-mass Flow Meter
- Modulating piston movement sender
- Installation position
- System overview
- Fuel regulation
- Injection commencement control
- Exhaust gas recirculation
- Charge pressure control
- Glow plug system
- Emission characteristics
- Internal functions in the control unit
- Self-diagnosis
- Performance diagram
- Specifications

In the direct injection engine, diesel fuel is injected directly into the main combustion chamber. This results in more efficient combustion and lower consumption.
The intake port, pistons and injectors have been designed specifically to optimise
the combustion process with respect to noise emission and running characteristics.
Inlet swirl port
The intake port is shaped in such a way that it induces a swirling movement of the intake air and, as a result, produces greater turbulence in the combustion chamber and piston recess.
Piston recess
The shape of the piston recess has been optimised specially for this engine.
5-hole injector
The fuel is injected into the piston recess in two stages and is ignited by the hot air. The two-stage injection process avoids a sharp
pressure rise.


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